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Sell my house fast - Looking to rent or sell your house or property?

How can I sell my house fast? If you are looking to sell your house or property then you have a few options available to you.  You can sell through an estate agent who will come and look at your property and suggest an asking price.  Estate agents are no more qualified than you to set this price but use their experience and gut feel to come up with a figure. If you want an accurate valuation of your property then you need to use a qualified surveyor who will likely charge several hundred pounds for their services.

If you are going to sell through an estate agent it's generally a good idea to get more than one valuation as they can differ quite substantially.  Once you agree to use the estate agents, they will take photos of your property and create the necessary materials to enable them to advertise your property.  They will also arrange for convenient times for perspective buyers to visit your property and at your discretion even show them around the property.

For this service Estate agents will charge somewhere in the range of 1.5% to 4% of the value of your property.  A sum of 2% of the value of your property doesn’t sound much for this service but if you consider this: you are selling a property worth £250,000 and your Estate agents fees are 2% then you can expect to pay them a sum of £5,000 + VAT. VAT is currently 20% which means that the actual fee you end up paying the Estate agents is £6,000.

To bypass this fee many home/property owners are now looking to sell their property themselves via online services, this is where Property Addict comes in. Click on the link below and within a few minutes you can have your property entered and ready to appear on this website! We promise that all property listings will be reviewed - and if all is well - and be listed within 48 hours. All this for free!

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